Peak to Peak Training Systems Sponsored Events

Coach Jon's 34 year history with cycling and competition has given him the passionate understanding that certain events provide a fertile environment for increased participation in cycling and competition.  As a young athlete who grew up on a farm & ranch on the western plains of Nebraska in the 70's & 80's, Jon's access to information, social groups, rides and yes, even roads, were very limited.  Grass roots competition and Nebraska's only state long bike tour was his first taste and experience of riding with other cyclists. And  it wasn't until attending college at the University of Wyoming that Jon's consistent exposure to competitive cycling began which eventually resulted in him winning many state championships (Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming), his representing the USA at several elite international level competitions, finishing on the podium at national championships 7 times as well as  winning his own national road racing championship.  Coach Jon now serves USA Cycling with many other coaches  to help find USA's next international cycling champion at the Olympic and professional world stage. With over 3 decades of cycling experience, Coach Jon's belief is cemented in knowing that low pressured, encouraging and welcoming events such as community bike rides, cycling clubs and grass roots style events provide significant steps toward growing a deep and full talent pool of future elite level competitive cyclists.  This is the reason Coach Jon picks certain events he believes may help to fill that talent pool.



        The P2P Training Race Series at CSP (Golden, CO)

Over 30 years ago, this race series began on a car race track off I-25 north of Denver in Erie, Colorado.  It offered competitive cyclists the ability to work on handling skills, race tactics and fitness in the middle of the week to beginners and experienced riders in two race categories (cat 4/5's and cat 1/2/3's). Many cat 3's of the era improved their skills and speed quickly to become some of America's fastest racers.  Eventually, that track was sold and the race series moved to the Colorado State Patrol's training track on top of South Table Mesa in Golden, CO.  The location of this track gives the competitor excellent view of Denver to the east along with sights of deer, sounds of coyote and the occasional rattle snake crossing.  This triangular 1.3 mile track has three 90* turns, a chicane (left, right, right, left, or opposite if you are going the other direction), no car traffic, smooth and generally clean pavement. 

The basis for the series has not changed: training race series. Prizes are kept to a minimum and cyclists are encouraged to develop their skills, strategy and strengths.  Ask our consistent racers and they all say the same thing:  "This race is incredibly fun!"

Category's included Open 4/5's and 1/2/3's - Wednesdays in June, July and August.