Peak to Peak Training Systems provides coaching for cycling athletes, training camps, bike fitting, performance testing and cycling event promotion.

Coach Jon offers coaching for all levels of cyclists for both competitive and non-competitive athletes from over 30 years of experience.  He is fully prepared to help you progress whether you are preparing for a summer bike tour, doing your first bike race (junior, young-adult, age-group or master's level), or gravel race, attempting to upgrade from your current race category to the next, or have multi-year goals.  Jon is especially interested in developing junior racers for their next level of competition whether that be on a state, national or international level.

Training Camps are typically provided to any group hoping to establish and enhance team coordination, collaboration and building, not to mention creating an environment where training is a key ingredient to the success of an individual athlete and their role on the team. 

Bike fitting is offered to any level of athlete, any age on any type of upright bicycle: CX, Gravel, Mountain, Road, Tour or Time-trial bike.  Jon's approach to bike fitting is rooted in the functional movement capabilities of the athlete: muscle structure, strength, flexibility, coordination.  Coach Jon is willing to arrange for the bike fit at a location of your choosing whether that be at his office/house, your house or other location.

Performance Testing & ride skill evaluations are an integral piece to training control, management of effort and performance improvement.  Coach Jon has a high level of experience in both the evaluation and the impact those indications pose to your training and competition.  He is highly experienced with lactate threshold testing in a controlled environment, time or distance field testing on the road or predetermined course, ride technique & handling skills assessments.  Appointments and location requirements are necessary for this type of service.

Coach Jon promotes and directs the P2P Training Race Series in Golden Colorado and the Antelope Stampede gravel ride in his hometown of Kimball, Nebraska.  


If you are interested in any of the above services, please contact Coach Jon at 303-913-3954 or email at


Peak to Peak Training Systems had been in the coaching business since 1993.  Initially, coaching was the main focus of service.  However, P2P has expanded from coaching athletes to directing development and training cycling camps for juniors, women, masters and elite racers, directing teams nationally & internationally, handling skills clinics, bike fitting, performance testing, power analysis, and event race promotion.   

About Coach Jon

 Jon grew up on a family farm and ranch 12 miles outside of Kimball, Ne. He is mechanically inclined; loves hard work and the lessons it has taught him.  He began racing bicycles while in high school, improved vastly as he went to college and was coached by the late Dan Burkholtz. He was taught training techniques and the value of recovery from Dr. David T. Martin from the University of Wyoming.  Jon took this knowledge and applied it to his own development where he won multiple state road race and time trial championships, including National level podium medals and a National Masters Road Championship in 2001. During this time frame, Jon was also learning how to become a cycling coach through USA Cycling's Coaching Education program. As he earned his elite level 1 coaching certification, he was beginning to help his athletes earn over 40 National Championship medals in Road, Track, Able-bodied Worlds and Olympics.   He has also helped develop athletes from beginners & juniors to professional positions on national level & world-tour teams. 


Jon has been involved in competitive and non-competitive cycling in Colorado, Nebraska, Nationally & Internationally at all levels since 1986, working with individual athletes, clubs, teams, and governing body's such as the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado & USA Cycling.