What's on-tap for 2020?


February & March: Coach Jon is offering Tuesday/Thursday group indoor workouts in February on Zwift....thats right, you join a indoor class but don't have to leave your home to take part!  Contact Jon with your interest in joining the P2P/VR7 group workout, get details about the training and what is involved.  Simply log into Zwift, accept the invitation (you must be invited by Jon), choose the proper workout and be ready within 5 minutes before the offical start time begins.  Requirements: Zwift account, know-how of dropping custom workout files into your Zwift program (Jon can show you this), a copy of the ZWO workout file and 60-90 minutes of time.  Details of the workouts (description & purpose) will be provided to anyone considering this series.  P2P Coached Athletes and VR7 Club members have free access to the workouts.   This is a NO-DROP workout, so as long as you are pedalling, you won't get left by the group and it doesn't matter if you are the strongest or the weakest of the class....just keep pedaling and you will always be with the group.

Club/Team Lactate Threshold Testing: Coach Jon is offering a team testing day on Feb 1, 2020 for lactate threshold testing.  Each athlete is tested individually via blood samples taken at specific intervals during a graduated effort testing protocol.  Baseline, graduation and recovery phases are established with references to heart rate, power and comparisons to standardized FTP references from each athletes most current history.  As one athlete is finishing up the recovery phase, the next athlete is warming up for their test.  If you, your team or small group of friends are interested in scheduling a day for lactate threshold testing, or field testing or any sort, this is a great team building exercise and a way to get valuable testing & training data. Contact Coach Jon for details on costs, scheduling and requirements.


Races and Competitions:

Coach Jon and Anna-Lisa will continue to promote the P2P Training Race Series in May, June, July an August.  Additionally, we will continue to co-promote 2020 (June) Robideaux Quick & Dirty Gravel Race in Scottsbluff, Nebraska!

Robideaux Q&D GPS Map Course Links:  to be available as soon as 2020 course is finalized


We are excited to put on our first gravel race, The Antelope Stampede scheduled for Sept 19, 2020  in Kimball, Nebraska which will wind through 25, 50 and 100 miles of the fastest gravel and dirt roads available in Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming!  Initial details of these events will be available here on this website as well as Facebook with links from Twitter and Instagram.

Antelope Stampede GPS Map Course Links:   

     MapMyRide:       100mi  50mi  25mi;      Strava:     100mi    50mi    25mi;      Garmin:    100mi     50mi     25mi


Team Direction:

Coach Jon will again be directing the Team USA Juniors at the 52nd edition of the Tour L'Abitibi Nations Cup Stage Race in July.


Training and Talent ID Camps:

Tentatively, we are shooting for early June for our Junior Road Talent ID Camp, location undetermined.  On the gravel side, Coach Jon is designing a 3-day gravel training camp using roads in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska with focus on nutrition, body balance for gravel riding, equipment maintenance, on-road repair, cue sheet & gps tricks, technique - date to be determined.


Coaching: Coach Jon's available athlete slots are full for the 2020 season.  Stay tuned for the bios of the athletes Jon is currently working with! 

About Peak to Peak Training Systems 

Jon Heidemann's Peak to Peak Training Systems offers camps, seminars & clinics, races, training race series, bike fitting, testing and athlete/team consults.  If interested in any of these services, please email at intel.p2ptrainingsystems@hotmail.com  or call me at 303-913-3954 to set up a time.  I am completely mobile and am willing to meet you anywhere it is convenient for you.  Home? Office? Coffee shop?  Tap room?  You name it, I can make it. 


P2P's  primary focus is to coach, train, educate and support each athlete's ability to become the best cycling athlete possible whether that be  competitive or non-competitive, road & off-road, cyclist or multi-sport athlete.  I offer the following professional services from the experience & education almost 30 years as a cyclist, professional coach, team director, camp manager, talent identifier in junior, amateur and professional cycling, as well as a husband and father to 4 spectacular girls


* Coaching programs for all levels of cycling athletes - competitive or non-competitive

* Multi-user training programs popular with clubs and teams

* Clinics for road, mountain, cross, gravel and time-trials

* Cycling Training Camps

* Road Cycling Training Races

* Performance Field Testing in lab or on the road: power, heart rate, lactate threshold zones

If you are interested in any of the above services, contact me to discuss details or set up a appointment.


Jon Heidemann