Summer is HERE!

Wishing you a very happy & fun month of June, folks!!!   Racing seems to clawing its way back to full swing across the nation - just look at Colorado's road schedule  ( CO race calendar )!  Our own 2021 P2P Training Mid-week Training race series in Golden, CO started up with a definite bang with record racer AND spectator attendance. 


#1: A current USA Cycling racing license is required to compete, regardless where your residence is located. 

#2: If you have a Colorado address, you will need a BRAC membership or you will be charged an extra $5 per race.  A BRAC membership does not waive needing a USA Cycling yearly or one-day license.  

#3: If you do not have a USA Cycling racing license, you are able to purchase a one-day race license.  If you do purchase a USA Cycling one-day racing license, you do NOT need to purchase a BRAC membership.

#4.  If you miss the registration deadline for that particular days race, we can not register you at the race site.     


Remember, there is no walk up registration this year. We are using online registration open on We are looking forward to some fun times this summer on South Table Mountain and seeing your unmasked smiling faces this summer.

CSP Current Finish and Sprint Points                               

Next on our plate of events is our first gravel race traversing the dirt roads in Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming.  The Antelope Stampede will occur  on September 18, 2021 with a 25 mile, 50 mile and 100 mile courses.  We expect our race to be a on the smaller side this year, but who really knows?  What I do know is that the dirt roads we have chosen for our course are pretty fast and surprisingly more challenging than you might expect.   September weather in the panhandle of Western Nebraska could be anything from the mid-90's, calm winds and 70's, or rain & snow....its always an adventure.


Coach Jon

Coach Jon and Anna-Lisa are hopeful that we are able to promote the events we so dearly love this year.  The summer P2P Training Race Series,  and our first gravel race, The Antelope Stampede scheduled for September 18, 2021 in Kimball, Nebraska are all in the midst of being organized with registration about to open.  We are excited to get our events back in motion and reiterate that each event will be a celebration.

Antelope Stampede GPS Map Course Links:   

     MapMyRide:       100mi  50mi  25mi;      Strava:     100mi    50mi    25mi;      Garmin:    100mi     50mi     25mi


Team Direction:

Coach Jon looks forward to hopefully directing the Team USA Juniors at the 52nd edition of the Tour L'Abitibi Nations Cup Stage Race in Canada in 2022. Sadly, there won't be a 2021 edition but our hopes to be there next year are high.


Training and Talent ID Camps:

All training camps were cancelled in 2020.  With 2021 being a restart year for our events, we are hopeful to be able to offer a 3-day gravel training camp in late 2021 or early 2022 using roads in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska with focus on nutrition, body balance for gravel riding, equipment maintenance, on-road repair, cue sheet & gps tricks, technique - date to be determined.


Coaching: Coach Jon has available athlete slots for the 2021 season.  Contact him directly via this website, the contact info accessible via the banner above or in the following "About" section.   

About Peak to Peak Training Systems                                      Jon Heidemann's Peak to Peak Training Systems offers camps, seminars & clinics, races, training race series, bike fitting, testing and athlete/team consults.  If interested in any of these services, please email at  or call me at 303-913-3954 to set up a time.  I am completely mobile and am willing to meet you anywhere it is convenient for you.  Home? Office? Coffee shop?  Tap room?  You name it, I can make it. 

  primary focus is to coach, train, educate and support each athlete's ability to become the best cycling athlete possible whether that be  competitive or non-competitive, road & off-road, cyclist or multi-sport athlete.  I offer the following professional services from the experience & education almost 30 years as a cyclist, professional coach, team director, camp manager, talent identifier in junior, amateur and professional cycling, as well as a husband and father to 4 spectacular girls


* Coaching programs for all levels of cycling athletes - competitive or non-competitive

* Multi-user training programs popular with clubs and teams

* Clinics for road, mountain, cross, gravel and time-trials

* Cycling Training Camps

* Road Cycling Training Races

* Performance Field Testing in lab or on the road: power, heart rate, lactate threshold zones

If you are interested in any of the above services, contact me to discuss details or set up a appointment.


Jon Heidemann