Springing Forward

Days are getting longer, warmer and we are about to spring forward on the clock!


Peak to Peak Training Systems has its hands in nearly every aspect of cycling these days.  As a coach, my athletes are excited for the upcoming spring races - hopefully with a trip to California or Arizona for those first of many races to test out those spring legs and lungs.  As a team director, my team is putting the final spin on the spring racing campaign with a training camp, Redlands Classic, Gila, and Joe Martin Stage races.  As a race promoter, we are putting the final stamp on all the little details going into our summer race series and fall gravel race.  And as a developmental camp director, university contracts are being finalized and promotion is about to be ramped up.  Busy times, but times we are excited about. 


Peak to Peak Training Series Zwift Club March Training Sessions: 

The MaRCH midweek series will focus on a variety of efforts and systems while I add about 15 minutes to each hour long session.  Using a variety of course-worlds on Zwift, all training sessions will enjoy nice warmup with brief intervals to open things up a bit.   Remember, I suspect many are doing group rides or riding harder on the weekends with less attention paid to control of effort and technique.   Essentially, most of you are racing your buddies.  As such, having less time to devote to training during the workweek, using that time to increase or maintain your technique, build specificity and target specific systems is of immense benefit.

Tuesday 6:30 PM sessions will see longer zone 2 efforts while utilizing a ladder style cadence workout with focus on maintaining low-noise body movement (just the legs moving smoothly with no upper body bounce, sway or hip movement, neck or arm tension), semi-flat foot profile, focused force through the arch of the foot and reduced force on the hands. This type of technique during minimal zone 2 effort exposes bad technique, movement and control that would otherwise get absorbed by the harder efforts of zones 3 and 4.  As an added benefit, zone 2 work will aid you in improved basic lactate buffering structures of the musculature.

I am adding Wednesday 6:30 PM sessions that will help you prepare for the types of efforts you might experience at my summer race series.  The actual course itself is a 1.3 mile lap with a sprint every 3rd lap lasting 12-15 laps.  This session will begin to prepare you for repeating harder efforts with short bouts of recovery.  The months Wednesday sessions will get harder as we get closer to June.  For example,  as we near May, you will experience revolving efforts with a sprint every 9 minutes.   

Thursday 6:30 PM sessions will focus on systems that support increased power at aerobic levels.  continue with tempo efforts broken up with 2-3 minute "over-threshold" work stimulating power & recoverability between efforts.   

The Sunday session will last 90 minutes with a focus on steady zone 3 effort using a course, self-control and no specific workout. We will continue to play with pedal speed and form to keep it interesting and build function control. You will be stimulated to become more aerobically efficient while also being able to handle & recover from harder bouts of intensity.


I know most "Zwifters" come for the racing, but this training series will be in a controlled environment that is based on percentages of your current functional training power (FTP) - so make sure that is updated before you begin.  If you wish to repeat the standardized Zwift FTP test on your own, I would not oppose it.  If, however, you have done a few harder Zwift group rides, your FTP might have already updated itself.  All riders will be kept together with the ride leader unless you stop pedaling and the efforts you make will be at your level of fitness, not anyone else's.  There may be an occasion when you are up for a workout and just want to spin along with the group (as a matter of fact, you will catch me doing that as I am now leading 2 classes a day).


If you are interested in joining our Zwift club and doing our workout series, the following requirements need to be met: 1.) you need to have a paid Zwift membership; 2.) you need to follow me (Jon Heidemann/P2P/VR7/Stages); 3.) you have to notify me that you would like to join the club either by text/phone, FB Messenger or email with your Zwift name (so that I can find you).    Once I have your request, I will send you an invite.  After all that - you will log on to Zwift within 30 minutes or less of the training session time and it should be listed on one of the tiles in the top row of your ride menu.  Click that and go!

Training and Talent ID Camps:

3-day gravel training camps are in the planning stages for early 2023 using roads in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska with focus on nutrition, body balance for gravel riding, equipment maintenance, on-road repair, cue sheet & gps tricks, technique, etc - date to be determined.  

Coaching:   Coach Jon has available athlete slots for the 2022 season.  Contact him directly via this website, the contact info accessible via the banner above or in the following "About" section.   

About Peak to Peak Training Systems     Jon Heidemann's Peak to Peak Training Systems offers camps, seminars & clinics, races, training race series, bike fitting, testing and athlete/team consults.  If interested in any of these services, please email at intel.p2ptrainingsystems@hotmail.com  or call me at 303-913-3954 to set up a time.  I am completely mobile and am willing to meet you anywhere it is convenient for you.  Home? Office? Coffee shop?  Tap room?  You name it, I can make it. 

  primary focus is to coach, train, educate and support each athlete's ability to become the best cycling athlete possible whether that be  competitive or non-competitive, road & off-road, cyclist or multi-sport athlete.  I offer the following professional services from the experience & education almost 30 years as a cyclist, professional coach, team director, camp manager, talent identifier in junior, amateur and professional cycling, as well as a husband and father to 4 spectacular girls


* Coaching programs for all levels of cycling athletes - competitive or non-competitive

* Multi-user training programs popular with clubs and teams

* Clinics for road, mountain, cross, gravel and time-trials

* Cycling Training Camps

* Road Cycling Training Races

* Performance Field Testing in lab or on the road: power, heart rate, lactate threshold zones

If you are interested in any of the above services, contact me to discuss details or set up a appointment.


Jon Heidemann




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