Fall is fully engaged!

October has arrived and while the European road race calendar is still a little scrambled from Covid-19, cyclo-cross has been rumbling along on both sides of the pond.  I've thoroughly enjoyed watching some the LIVE  "Spring Classics" on GCN in September and October - seems so weird to me to be watching those while also getting live updates on the cx races.  Such a unusual time but at the same moment, a great example of the desire to do something even if its a little out of place on the calendar.  I don't care - I love it all. 

Speaking of loving all things cycling, I'd like to promote a touring company owned by a good friend of mine: Mr. Ken Whelpdale'sLabici Adventures.  This fantastic touring company is located in beautiful Mallorca, Spain.  Ken has been in the professional and international cycling scene since the late 90s. A keen cyclist and brilliant mechanic in his own right, he continues to be director of logistical operations for Team USA and has been for several Olympic Games and World Championships teams. Ken's uncompromised level of detail in planning trips, schedules, routes, equipment needs, lodging & meals combined with a fantastic sense of simple yet enjoyable encounters will lead you to the finest week of riding bikes in Mallorca you will ever experience.  Check out his website, get in touch with him & have the time of your life in Mallorca!   Oh, and take me with you when you go.


Fall is usually the time in which I ease off the pedal, look back over the year and set plans in motion from what I hope I learned as a business owner, coach, event & race director. I am praying I can start to re-engage the other facets of P2P Training Systems in 2022 - like cycling training camps, youth events, team direction and, of course, add to my athlete list. 


The P2P Training Race Series at CSPwas a tremendous success with record participation numbers 8 out the 10 races we offered.  The feedback we received was incredible, mostly highlighting the fantastic social atmosphere coupled with friendly low pressure competition.   We have already started planning the 2022 series! 

The Antelope Stampedegravel ride was a first year success with a handful of adjustments to be made prior to next years much larger event.  We have even discussed adding a spring gravel event in May before our Training Race Series at CSP, but the decision has not been finalized!  

Grass-roots level youth day camps & open discipline youth races are being created and targeted at smaller rural towns and communities that share limited resources, industry support and are heavily influenced by a singular industry such as agriculture, mining or energy production. All kids love bikes and I am working to keep them engaged with the bike into and throughout adulthood. 

Team Direction:  Coach Jon looks forward to hopefully directing the a team of juniors at the 52nd edition of the Tour L'Abitibi Nations Cup Stage Race in Canada in 2022. Not sure if it will be for USA Cycling or not, but fingers crossed I will be there for the next edition.


Training and Talent ID Camps:

3-day gravel training camps are in the planning stages for early 2022 using roads in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska with focus on nutrition, body balance for gravel riding, equipment maintenance, on-road repair, cue sheet & gps tricks, technique, etc - date to be determined.

Road Talent ID & Race Selection Camps for juniors are back on the table for 2022, depending on the direction Covid-19 takes and its affects on races in specific local & international municipalities.  

Coaching:   Coach Jon has available athlete slots for the 2022 season.  Contact him directly via this website, the contact info accessible via the banner above or in the following "About" section.   

About Peak to Peak Training Systems     Jon Heidemann's Peak to Peak Training Systems offers camps, seminars & clinics, races, training race series, bike fitting, testing and athlete/team consults.  If interested in any of these services, please email at intel.p2ptrainingsystems@hotmail.com  or call me at 303-913-3954 to set up a time.  I am completely mobile and am willing to meet you anywhere it is convenient for you.  Home? Office? Coffee shop?  Tap room?  You name it, I can make it. 

  primary focus is to coach, train, educate and support each athlete's ability to become the best cycling athlete possible whether that be  competitive or non-competitive, road & off-road, cyclist or multi-sport athlete.  I offer the following professional services from the experience & education almost 30 years as a cyclist, professional coach, team director, camp manager, talent identifier in junior, amateur and professional cycling, as well as a husband and father to 4 spectacular girls


* Coaching programs for all levels of cycling athletes - competitive or non-competitive

* Multi-user training programs popular with clubs and teams

* Clinics for road, mountain, cross, gravel and time-trials

* Cycling Training Camps

* Road Cycling Training Races

* Performance Field Testing in lab or on the road: power, heart rate, lactate threshold zones

If you are interested in any of the above services, contact me to discuss details or set up a appointment.


Jon Heidemann