Bike Fitting

Jon's technique for fitting mountain & road cyclists and triathletes bicycles is based on the functional movement qualities (strength, flexibility, coordination) of the rider, the riders specific ability level and interest (recreational, commuter, sport, competition, etc).  He specializes in the rider having a balanced blend of a functionally appropriate position with aerodynamic qualities.

The Process

A typical bike fit takes 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on the complexity of the bicycle and the riders functional movement qualities.  

  1. Rider information is taken that includes experience level, typical ride preferences, routes, and duration, a description of physical issues that may have motivated the visit or past injuries that may compromise the comfort, performance and enjoyment of riding a bicycle, as well as future rides that may need taken into account if they are unusually harder or longer than what the rider is accustomed to.
  2. Pre Bike Fit Ride:  After initial information is taken, Coach Jon will take the rider out for a ride, video the riders movements during the ride on a variety of different terrain and intensity. Depending on the level of the bike fit, motion capture sensors may be deployed as a tool for data capture and comparative  information.
  3. Physical measurements: Upon return from the pre-ride, the athletes foot is measured to help determine the proper placement of the cycling cleat (road or mountain) on the shoe. Next, and inseam measurement is taken to help determine a starting point for the height of the saddle.  Shoulder width is measured next to help to determine the appropriate width of the handle bars.
  4. A functional movement screen is taken to help determine the riders general flexibility, strength and coordination in 4 biological planes: right, left, front and back.  This helps to guide the positioning of the three points of contact on a bike: Cleat/pedal, Saddle & Handle Bars.
  5. Initial Bike Adjustment & Fit:  The previous steps allow Jon to appropriately adjust the position of the riders cleats, the bike's seat & handle bars as they relate to the bottom bracket/pedals.  A riders ability to comfortably reach the pedals and handle bar drastically affect his or her physical performance on the bicycle.
  6. Post Adjustment Ride: After the initial bike adjustment in the lab, Coach Jon will take the rider out for a 2nd ride, once again video the riders movements during the ride on a variety of different terrain and intensity. Adjustments may be made "on road" based on the information viewed.  Depending on the level of the bike fit, motion capture sensors may once again be deployed as a tool with information and comparative analysis.

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Additional Mechanical Work

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More time may be needed to mechanically complete the set up after the fit is established.  For example, it is common that a  triathlon bike may need more cable housing & longer cables if the shift pods need to be extended further than the current cabling may allow.  This adds time to the fit & Jon usually offers to complete the cabling set up if the client cannot stay to complete the set up.  In this scenario, the client would come back to pick up the bike at the end of the day or when it is more convenient. 

12-Month Guarantee

You bike fit will be an informative experience.  You will find out or verify where your physical imbalances are with suggestions on who or where to go to help correct them.  These imbalances will ALWAYS affect your bike fit.  If the athlete is interested in working towards a more balanced body and takes steps in that direction, his or her bike fit will most likely need to adjust. Jon's bike fit covers check up's and changes with your body for 12 months with the same bike the fit was done on.  If a new bike is purchased during this time frame, Coach Jon will likely offer to adjust that bike with the original information from the original fit.   



Generally, Coach Jon charges $100/per hour of service for bike fitting.  Typical bike fits take between 1.5 and 3 hrs depending on the complexity of the machine (road or time trial bike, for example), the physical characteristics of the cyclist and the level of the fit service.  The following soft examples of bike fit levels:

Basic Level Bike Fit $150 / 1.5-2 hrs:  Athlete information intake, Functional Movement Screen, Bike Adjustment.

Expert Level Bike Fit $250 / 2-2.5 hrs:  Athlete information intake, Pre-Ride with Video information, Functional Movement Screen, Bike Adjustment, Post-Ride with Video information & Position Confirmation. 

Pro Level Bike Fit $400 / 2-3 hrs:  Athlete information intake, Pre-Ride with Video & Motion Capture Information, Functional Movement Screen, Bike Adjustment, Post-Ride with Video, Motion Capture Data analysis & Position Confirmation.



This DOES NOT include the cost of additional cables, housing, stems, pedal cleats, seats or additional parts.  Typically, Coach Jon purchases these products from Campus Cycles and will pass that cost onto you without markup except for a small $20 service charge that covers the added time and mileage.  Coach Jon has no issues with your supplying your own parts from your own supplier.




If you are interested in these services Please contact Jon.  He is happy to accommodate reasonable needs given enough time to plan prepare and schedule.