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Can't Find That Motivation to Train?  Try these 5 tips from GCN.....

Looking for that superbly supported European bicycle tour in Mallorca, Italy or Belgium?  Coach Jon is considering organizing a group through 3FSports and if enough riders sign up, he will go along to help support you!

Are you starting to feel the aches and pains of the training again?  Maybe you aren't recovering between bouts of training as effectively as you could...  Let the professionals at Denver Sports Recovery get you back up to speed and ready for that next training bout!  Click here for more info or call Jon to get a personal introduction!  Regardless, tell them Jon sent you.





CompuTrainer Indoor Cycling Training

Mondays thru Fridays at 12-noon, 5:45 pm & 7:15 pm

Saturday  & Sunday volume rides at 9:00am & 11:30am                                    

Power Base #1 Series: January - Aerobic Metabolic & Mechanical Efficiency  - sign up here

 Power Base #2 Series: January - Aerobic Metabolic, Mechanical Efficiency & Higher Power Transitions  - sign up here

 Time Trial Threshold Series: January - May. Aerobic Metabolic, Mechanical Efficiency & Sustained Time Trial Efforts - sign up here

Coordination, Flexibility & Strength Series

 Functional Movement for Cyclists Series: January through May - muscle Flexibility, Strength and Coordination - sign up here

Classroom & Education Series

Bicycle Road Racing Strategy & Tactics  (6 part classroom series) : January - July 2016 

- sign up here

FREE Functional Movement Assessment!

As a way to kick start our Functional Movement for Cyclists training series, we are offering a free functional movement assessment with a purchase of a 4 pack of the FMC series through the end of January 2016.   Class sessions are kept small in number because this is a form intensive training session. Simply call or email Jon to set up an appointment (very "flexible" appointment schedule with weekend, week day and evening options available) . 

FREE Functional Threshold Testing!

As a way to kick start our Power Base #1 & Time-Trial Prep training series, we are offering a free functional threshold training session through the end of January 2016.  Simply call or email us to set up an appointment (very flexible appointment schedule with weekend & week day & evening options).  If you already know your functional training threshold,  we can instead apply this free session to your first class in one of our training series!

If you hate riding the stationary trainer or you haven’t visited our studio before, you are in for a surprise.  The option of riding by yourself in the spare bedroom, basement or garage is no match for riding with a group on a computer regulated trainer on your own bike.  Interactive video, prompts by the class instructor, music and no post-ride cleanup will be a luxury you won’t have to manage yourself.     Our studio’s ANT+ capability ensures more accurate data being recorded from your devices like heart rate monitors, power meters, cadence sensors, and even moxy-monitors! If you aren’t that technically proficient and don’t care, don’t worry and just enjoy the realism of our trainers.  You will still have fun as we explain it to you along the way!

For those of you who have a specific workout protocol to follow, we can automate that script into our system and save it in your own workout file library for future use or repetition.  Simply contact us & give us notice that you'd like to do your own workout at a time outside of our typical class studio times, arrive 15 minutes early so we can write the program for you and you are off!  As a training center, we recognize that our customers have coaches outside of our own staff.  We want to give you all the options you need to use our facility.  

What you will need: Your bike, cycling bibs/shorts, jersey, shoes, a bottle or two. 

We provide: CompuTrainers, towels, fan's, the workout and music (although, you can bring your own playlist, too).

Online pre-registrationhere.

About Peak to Peak Training Systems

P2P's primary focus is to coach, train, educate and support an athlete's ability to become the best cycling athlete possible whether that be  competitive or non-competitive, road & off-road, cyclist or multi-sport athlete.  I offer the following professional services from the experience and education from almost 3 decades of professional work as a cycling coach, team director, camp manager, talent identifier in developmental and elite competitive cycling, bike fitter, former international elite racer, a training center manager, husband, and father:

  • coaching programs for competitive and non-competitive cycling athletes
  • multi-user training programs (popular with clubs and teams)
  • ride clinics for road, cx, mtb and time-trials
  • cycling training camps
  • training races
  • bike fits for road, mountain, cx and time-trial
  • functional movement assessments
  • performance & training testing - both field and lab

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact me at 303-913-3954303-913-3954, email me at or make a appointment here.

Our Online Registration Tool has been Updated

We have updated our registration management tool from the Mind-Body system to Zen Planner.  Our online registration system has begun to operate and will be enhanced over the month of June.  Please be patient with us as we go through this process as we learn how to manage this new system. If you should have questions, call me at 303-913-3954303-913-3954.  All history from Mind Body and current "punch-cards" will be recorded and put into the new system.  Its important to note the following: 

  • If you have saved payment information in our older MindBody System, it will no longer function for future Peak to Peak Training Systems purchases after June 1.  However, using  MindBody for registrations at other gyms will not be affected.
  • "Active Clients" have had their limited registration information ported over to our new system.  However, you will need to re-register initially to set your new username, password and payment information.  Once this step is taken, you will be good to go for future session purchases. 

Thank you!

Jon Heidemann, Owner

Peak to Peak Training Systems, Inc



Sign up for Indoor Cycling / CompuTrainer classes, clinics and workshops here!

Cancellation policy: We require a 4 hour window for cancellation which may be accomplished with a email, phone call or text to 303-913-3954303-913-3954.  If you choose to simply not show up without calling us, leaving a message, emailing or texting us, you will be charged in full.  We have limited ride slots to sell and ALL are reserved through our Training Center & Events Schedule button.  If one or more of those slots are reserved, we cannot re-sell them if there isn't ample time after cancellation. 


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