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Welcome to Peak to Peak Training Systems

Peak to Peak Training Systems (P2P) primary focus is to coach, train, educate and support an athlete's ability to become the best cycling athlete possible, whether that be competitive or non-competitive, road & off-road, cyclist or multi-sport athlete. 

P2P has evolved with USA Cycling Elite-Level Certified Coach Jon Heidemann through over two decades & thousands of hours of coaching, racing, team directing, coaching collaboration with exercise physiologists, nutritionists, physical therapists, medical doctors and fellow coaches.

Coach Jon has coached athletes to well over 50 National Championship Medals, a Able-bodied World Championship and Paralympic Gold. Currently, P2P serves amateur and professional cyclists and multi-sport athletes locally in Denver and from all over the United States through the following services: 

  • private coaching
  • development & training camps and clinics for adults and youth
  • race direction for teams and individuals 
  • bike fit
  • functional power threshold &  lactate threshold testing
  • functional movement screens
  • indoor training classes in our studios (fall/winter/spring).  

P2P also offers select training products such as:

  • PowerTap power-meters and Cyclops indoor trainers
  • Stages power-meters
  • CompuTrainer indoor trainers
  • Skratch-Labs hydration products  

These products available at its studio offices (pre-ordering product ahead of time is required, pick up available only at its studio).  Orders for products should be directed to Jon 303-913-3954 at

The Studios at Peak to Peak Training Systems is offering the following indoor class specials through the month of January:

Lactate Threshold Testing & Training Zone Identification

Regular Price: $175

Jan. Promo: $150

Functional Power Threshold (essential for CompuTrainer Workouts)



P2P Pro Bike Fit $100/hr


6 month P2P Pro Coaching Program$1750$1500 

Winter Training Class Schedule is up and live for sign up:

The studio schedule is available by clicking the Training Center & Events Schedule button located above on the right. Follow these directions for sign up:

  1. Click the Training Center & Events Schedule button & you will be taken to the current week's schedule. You may navigate ahead to future weeks by using the tools on that page. 
  2. After choosing & clicking on a class, you will be prompted to log in or create a log in if you haven't visited before.  If you have visited and forgot your log in credentials, simply put in your email address and the system will attempt to recognize you. 
  3. After logging in, you will then be given options for purchase: single class, multiple classes or even a series, if it is offered in that manner. 
  4. Once your options have been made, the website will take you to a check out screen and you should be all set. 
  5. If you should run into a road block, please contact us ASAP via our contact page or phone at 303-913-3954.


Thank you!

Peak to Peak Training Systems, Inc


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Monday Schedule  - Jon Office Hrs

  • 12:00 pm  P2P Functional Movement Class I
  • 6:00 pm P2P Functional Movement Class II
  • 7:30 pm P2P Active Recovery~Base Class

Tues Schedule - Jon Office Hrs

  • 12:00 pm Noon P2P Short Intensity Repeats
  • 6:00 pm Optimize Rock & Ride with Coach Fivehouse
  • 7:30 pm Coach Hanna's CompuTrainer Session

Wed Schedule - Jon Office Hrs

  • 12:00 pm Noon P2P Sub LT Repeats
  • 6:00 pm Optimize Rock & Ride with Coach Fivehouse
  • 7:30 pm Coach Hanna's CompuTrainer Session

Thurs Schedule - Adam Office Hrs

  • 12:00 pm Noon VIP Ride  / P2P Climbing Repeats (medium intensity)
  • 6:00 pm P2P Functional Movement Class
  • 6:00 pm Optimize back to BASSics

Friday Professional Appointments Michael Hanna Office Hrs

Saturday Schedule

  • 8:00 am Hanna Coaching CompuTrainer Ride
  • 10:30 am Optimize Weekend Mix-Tape ride

Sunday Schedule

  • 8:00 am Hanna Coaching CompuTrainer Ride
  • 10:30 am Optimize Weekend Mix-Tape ride
  • 1:00 pm Overflow Class (if the 10:30 am class fills to capacity, register for this session)