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  • "Bike Fit, Coaching and Functional Movement"

    Tamara Bennett

    "....I have noticed for the past few days that my right lower back feels GREAT. STRONG. NO PAIN. You may just have found a cure that has eluded 4 physical therapists, a manual therapist, lots of massage therapists, and an osteopath. Thank you!

  • "Bike Fit"

    Chris Hamilton

    "Thanks for the bike fit! Only one ride so far after my fit - but it seems very positive. 50 miles and almost no back issues at all. MUCH better so far."


    Welcome to Jon Heidemann's Peak to Peak Training Systems!

    Peak to Peak Training Systems (P2P) primary focus is to coach, train, educate and support an athlete's ability to become the best cycling athlete possible, whether that be competitive or non-competitive, road & off-road, cyclist or multi-sport athlete.  I offer professional coaching programs, ride clinics, camps, training races, bike fits, functional movement assessments and training and performance testing.

    Please check our Facebook and Twitter Feeds for the most recent updates on  scheduled races, training sessions, classes, clinics and rides.  Our social media updates will happen sooner than our website updates.  Generally, if it is only raining the race will continue unless there is standing water on the track - which is rare.  However, if cloud to ground lightening strikes are in the area, the race will be postponed to a safer date.

    Attention!  We are offering a make-up race for our cancelled July race on WEDNESDAY, Aug 26, 2015 at the regular times of 6:10 & 7:00 pm.  

    Current  results  are  posted  below!

    Men's Category P-1-2-3 Results

    Mens Category 4-5 Results

    Womens Category 1-2 Results

    Womens Category 3-4 Results

    Upgrade points? Those cat 3,4 and 5 riders interested in upgrade points, you are eligible for upgrade points based on how you FINISHED IN THE SERIES FINISH OVERALL (this is not the sprint point classification, only the finish points classification).  If you believe you are eligible, please contact Yvonne Van Gent at and verify.

    FYI - Finish results can always be found on the & websites within 24 hrs unless there are revisions.

    Our Online Registration Tool has been Updated

    We have updated our registration management tool from the Mind-Body system to Zen Planner.  Our online registration system has begun to operate will be enhanced over the month of June.  Please be patient with us as we go through this process as we learn how to manage this new system. If you should have questions, call me at 303-913-3954.  All history from Mind Body and current "punch-cards" will be recorded and put into the new system.  Its important to note the following: 

    • If you have saved payment information in our older MindBody System, it will no longer function for future Peak to Peak Training Systems purchases after June 1.  However, using  MindBody for registrations at other gyms will not be affected.

    • "Active Clients" have had their limited registration information ported over to our new system.  However, you will need to re-register initially to set your new username, password and payment information.  Once this step is taken, you will be good to go for future session purchases. 

    Thank you!

    Jon Heidemann, Owner

    Peak to Peak Training Systems, Inc



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    • Scheduling Bike Fits, Athlete Consults, Functional Power and Lactate Threshold Testing, Ride Clinics, Camps, group's and one-on-one workouts.
    • If you have questions, please call or email.   

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